Andrew Allen


January 2021


By Harrison Lisewski

We've logged and analyzed all of Andrew Allen's video parts and the results are in. With some of the most advanced technology known to man, and some of the most advanced men known to technology, 4ply presents a statistical breakdown of Andrew Allen's career and an interview with the man himself.

How you doin' Andrew?
Pretty good man, how are you?

Yeah not bad. Have you seen any of these before?
I saw the Fred Gall article so I know what kinda direction you guys are headed in.

Yeah so we have this big spreadsheet with all your tricks in it and we can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about your skating.

Boo Johnson wanted to know how many clips he got wearing a hat and it ended up being every single clip except like three.
Damn dog, Boo got a hat on!

Boo do got a hat on. Is there anything in particular you want to know?
Well I mean umm.. I guess not. I never really thought about the statistics or data of what I've done in terms of what's been on video it's like, I’ve always just tried to have everything I’ve done under my belt be like as big as possible. So I guess I’ll be interested to see like what tricks statistically I’ve done the most and then try to think in my mind if that’s actually pertainable to like, what I think I've done myself or you know.. how I skate in my mind.

What trick do you think you’ve done the most?
Maybe like a switch crook? Or like an ollie? I have no clue.

Top Tricks


You don't seem like you'd be the biggest skate nerd.
Yeah for sure, but at the same time.. I am I guess. I probably don't pay as much attention now, but the stuff I grew up idolizing and watching and stuff I could tell you who did what tricks and what song they skated to. You know shit like that that I totally nerded out about as a kid, and that's just on like a visual representation so seeing something out like datawise, like how you guys do it is a whole new way of documenting something and I think it's pretty cool.

Hell yeah.

Unique Tricks

Do you spend much time thinking about what tricks you want to film?
Yeah for sure, I do have an idea of all these things I've filmed and all the tricks that I’ve done. Some tricks I've only done one time and it's been on camera but then there's other things I've done a lot and never filmed you know what I mean, because I've never found a spot or I don't think it looks good or like, I just don't want to.

You don't seem to have any real 'go-to' ledge/hubba/handrail tricks, most tricks you've only done once. Is that intentional?
For me personally I put a lot of pressure on myself to do tricks that I've never done before, you know? Whether it's like doing a new trick on a quarterpipe like some stall or actually trying to do like, I mean it hasn’t been this way for a while but like doing a new trick on a handrail you know what I mean? I think I just don’t like doing the same tricks all the time. I like to do something to know what it feels like then I don’t care to do it again hahaha. Never wanted to train I guess, didn’t seem fun.


It's probably no coincidence that a lot of skaters' stair/handrail charts look so similar. It's crazy how much easier your 20s are than your 30s. The old heads could've warned us haha. Guess that's why we have a

AA's Least Favorites

"Ask a horse and a carriage how each of them get around. The carriage doesn't say anything, it just looks at you and smiles."

Out of 433 tricks you’ve got 5 manny tricks. What's good with that?
Damn I thought there would’ve been less dude ahaha.

Not a manny man?
Nah I suck at 'em dude they're hard.

What about the tre flips?
I can’t do 'em dude.

You got switch tres though?
Yeah I can do it switch, I mean I can do it regular like in a game of skate or whatever but I would never attempt to film one. I can’t do impossibles. Or hardflips. Or back smiths. Or frontside airs. It sucks because they are all 'style' tricks and when I try or do them they look gross so I don’t do 'em ahaha.

Pressure flips?
Can't pressure at all.

Video Numbers

Video Breakdown


You fixing a motorbike?
Yeah kinda.

Hell yeah.
Just messin with something, trying to multitask in here.

For sure, well I'm going to hit you with a couple questions from some homies.

Does your middle name start with an 'A' too?
No, it starts with a B.

Damn.. Vans or Nike?
Ahaha I ride for Vans dooog!

I'm just messing with you. 😹 Who's better at skating, you or Bobby Worrest?
Dude Bobby Worrest is really good at skating.

He is.
So him… however.. It’d be interesting to see the statistics on our skating.

Maybe I’ll do Bobby next
Yeah Bobby's really good, if you watch him skate in real life he's one of the most like consistent skaters you know? I'm not very good at that. I’ll do a trick and I won't do it again for like a year, or maybe ever you know what I mean? His kinda skating is like where he wants to go skate a particular spot and then just like non stop be like go around doing flip tricks here flip tricks there, you know.. ledge tricks. It's a totally different type of skating to mine but like. Yeah he’s better than me.

I’ll get to the bottom of it.
Crunch the numbers! That’d be good!

What do you think about aliens?
Fuck dude thats a good question. It's one of those things where.. I don't really think about stuff a lot just because.. I don't want to.. But.. The reality is that they have to be out there, and I think that's kind of scary because based off of all the movies I’ve seen.. It seems to end badly for humanity.

I don't know.. I heard there's this planet that passes by every 3600 years and those aliens came and gave some monkeys all the secrets.

So they sound pretty chill I guess.
Sounds like it ahaha I'm backin it. Im backin it bro.

I love it.
Ahaha yeaahh I like to look into all that kinda shit, conspiracies and stuff. Its interesting you know, but like, some of it fuckin can also drive you crazy too.

I feel you ahaha. Election day driving you crazy?
Yep. Today might be a very strange day in america.

You like living there?
Ummmm, I mean not necessarily. My whole thing is just that like, I'm just kinda happy to be alive. Life is good. I guess you could complain about really anything but you gotta kind of just fuckin' deal with what the circumstances are in front of you, you know? That's kinda where I'm at with it all, so.. Fuck it. Everythings gonna suck if you just fuckin, you know, if you make it suck, so.. I’m just tryin' to fuckin, be alright with it you know.

That is some clean advice.
Hell yeah dog.